CEO / Co-founder

Long before he started writing CEO on the company checks, Bruce the college student obsessed over the idea of running his own company. While studying at the Menlo School of Business, and later the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, he stepped into the family’s plumbing, heating and cooling distribution business.

No family favors – Bruce started in the warehouse and leveraged his university education to climb to the management level, and later, COO. His team had the right formula, because Westburne Supply offered to buy the successful firm. With $89 million in revenue, Westburne made 36-year-old Bruce head of the Midwest Division and saw the company grow to $123 million. But when the firm decided to end its relationship with his father, Bruce followed the man who gave him his start.

He launched a commercial audiovisual business that took in $6.8 million the first year. The company nearly doubled sales in year two and continued to skyrocket. He had achieved a goal – in addition to building one extraordinary home audio system. Bruce sold the company to contemplate his next big idea.

While searching online for roofing contractors, Bruce found Chris Olson’s roofing business all over Google. So he hired his firm. Once the two entrepreneurs met face to face, Bruce had to ask Chris how he managed to score so many top search rankings. Chris enthusiastically shared his passion for experimenting with search engine technology.

This was the magical moment that Graybow.Olson came into being. Like his many projects over the years, Bruce relishes the thought of taking an idea from nothing and turning it into something big.

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CTO / Co-founder

His title may be CTO, but cofounder Chris Olson’s abundant energy and unconventional talent for scoring top search rankings and eyebrow-raising ROI for major corporations bear little resemblance to your average, socially awkward tech.

Chris’ rapid ascent to the SEO elite began early. During his four years at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire School of Business in pursuit of his Entrepreneurial Degree, Chris discovered a passion for real estate investing. And somehow, he found the time to unravel the mystery of search algorithms. SEO had yet to become a buzz word and Google was still a Stanford research project. Frequent storm damage to his investment properties led Chris to recognize a unique opportunity. While managing his property listings, he invested in a roofing company. Rather than follow the traditional approach to advertising, Chris studied all the popular SEO formulas. He crafted a best-of-the-best hybrid and applied it to his own business. The company exploded, quickly achieving over two million dollars in revenue by the second year and sticking to its No. 1 Google position for the past five years. Chris has never had to make a cold call.

Chris is frequently a guest lecturer at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management to help MBA students envision the future of Internet marketing.

Always the strategist, Chris injects high-level sensibility into everything he touches … from planning a full tilt Internet marketing campaign to seriously competing on the golf course. His passion for solving puzzles, for making the complex digestible, has moved major corporations to the coveted top money-making position in organic search again and again. It’s no wonder clients insist he sit in on strategy sessions. We’re thinking a more fitting title might be Chief Results Officer. Email Chris